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We provide developers, businesses and ESPs with tools, expertise and support needed to reliably deliver, measure and optimise emails so they reach your customers' inboxes on time, every time.

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Why SendPost?

SendPost replaces manual workarounds, messy hacks and daily frustrations that come along with your email API/SMTP provider. See if you are sending only a few thousand emails then most email API solutions work well. You will choose one of them based on price, features or support.

The real problem comes if you are one of the big senders—sending millions of emails per month. That's when managing multiple sending domains, IP-Pools and IP/Domain reputation becomes a severe headache. At that scale, even a minor dip in your email open rate or deliverability impacts your revenue.

You want a solution which helps you understand what broke with your email deliverability and how you can fix it quickly. You don't want to spend hours wading through logs and manually checking if your domain or IP is blacklisted or your sending reputation is low.

You want to be alerted in advance when your deliverability is starting to drop. Infact you want a solution which can act on your behalf to prevent that from happening.

You want a reliable partner, powered with a kickass software, who understands how critical email is for your business. And that is why we have built SendPost.
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Send Reliably. Measure Easily.

Simple & Powerful email sending & validation API. Measure detailed deliverability stats, find most common SMTP errors or search through event logs with ease.

  • Email API & SMTP Relay

    We have API SDKs in 14+ programming languages. You can use our API to send and validate emails, measure stats and manage domains/IPs. Integration is dead simple. You can also connect and deliver in minutes using our tried-and-tested SMTP relay.

  • Detailed Deliverability Stats

    Get detailed deliverability stats for both your sub-account and IP, email ISP stats, and aggregate SMTP error stats. Figure out why your inboxing or open rates are bad, who is responsible for it, and how you can fix it.

  • IP Reputation & Blacklist Tracking

    We automatically retrieve and show you IP reputation and blacklisting details of your various sending IPs so that you can take corrective action. No more spending hours everyday to manually get this data.

Email API & SMTP Relay
Email Deliverability Stats
IP Blacklist Monitoring

Alert Smartly. Optimise Powerfully.

SendPost works great for developers but it really stands out if you are a large email sender or an ESP. You can setup smart alerts and notifications to know issues in advance. You can optimise your email inboxing by controlling email sending speed, throttling, having correct backoff strategy and IP routing.

  • Smart Alerts & Notifications

    Want to get automatically notified when your IP is in a blacklist, your hardbounce more than 5% or deliverability below 90% ? You can setup smart alerts on SendPost to get notified on Slack or email when any such thing happens.

  • Dedicated IPs & IP-Pools

    You can manage both shared and dedicated IP pools. You have auto-warmup and advanced IP routing based on receiving domain or email volume.

  • Rate Limiting, Throttling & Backoff

    Reduce email sending rate or throttling for a specific email ISP - gmail, yahoo, aol, outlook etc. In case of hardbounce make this automated for consistent kickass inboxing.

Smart Alerts & Notifications
Dedicated IPs & IP-Pools
Rate Limiting, Throttling & Backoff

Email API that works

No more worrying about your emails hitting SPAM or not being able to track why your open rates are low. Easily send, track, measure and alert on your email sending with SendPost on time, every time.

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All-in-one platform

Simple email sending & validation API, powerful analytics, smart alerting system and power deliverability optimisation tools make SendPost standout as the most forward thinking email API service.

Email API & SMTP Relay
We have API SDKs present in over 14+ programming languages - Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby, Python etc. You can also connect us in old fashioned way using SMTP relay. arrow
Sub-Accounts & Groups
Segregate your email sending for products, customers or email types using Sub-Accounts. Get detailed analytics for specific email types using groups. arrow
Sub-Account & IP Stats
Know your deliverability, bounce, open and click rate at both sub-account and IP level. We show stats for aggregated SMTP errors and your inboxing on major ISPs - gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol etc. arrow
Event Logging
Debug any deliverability issue based on a sub-account or IP by SMTP code, description, recipient, sender and more. 90 day log retention and super fast search. arrow
Dedicated & Shared IPs
If you are getting started you can use our shared IP pools for email sending. For big senders, manage your own dedicated and shared IP pools. arrow
Validation API
Clean your list by removing hard bounce, spam traps, invalid emails, email typos, honey pot email addresses and more. arrow
Alerts & Notification
Setup automated alerts and notification through slack & email when specific sub-account or IP deliverability suffers or your hard bounce has increased. arrow
Rate limiting, Throttling & Routing
For power users, you can control speed of email sending and throttling at an IP. You can also route emails from an IP Pool based on specific rules. arrow
Get automatically notified on various email events. Process this data or integrate with your own application. arrow
Deliverability CRM
Automated incident creation when your domain gets blacklisted, deliverability decreases or bounce percentage changes. arrow

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